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August 2015: Both D.H. Hill and J. B. Hunt libraries have returned to 24x5 service!

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Mar 28: It appears that the NCSU Libraries are now accepting donations for Library Technology. This isn't related to the SaveHuntLibrary campaign. (Click the image)

Mar 27, 2014 at 10am: We just hit 16% of the entire undergrad+grad student population.
Mar 25, 2014 at 4:10pm: 10% of student population.
Mar 20, 2014: We launched.

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In the news:
March 27, 2014: NCSU Technician: Students petition to prevent cuts to Hunt Library's hours [Cached PDF]

April 2, 2014: NCSU Technician: Hunt Library's hours, N.C. Lit Fest and class struggle [Cached PDF]

In Governance:
Apr 2: NCSU Student Government (93rd Session of Student Senate) passes
Resolution 106: An Act to Recommend Support for Library Journals and Student Access at North Carolina State University.

Mar 31: NCSU University Graduate Student Association (UGSA) passes
Council Resolution II: An Act to Recommend Support for Library Journals and Student Access at North Carolina State University.

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Due to budget cuts, NCSU is considering permanently shutting down night time access to Hunt Library-- as soon as the end of Spring 2014.

Your support can ensure that we keep our new state of the art library facilities open to students 24 hours a day.

No university is complete without a place of study. We're here to start a dialogue that provides students with facilities that match and exceed today's student needs at locations such as D.H. Hill, and J.B. Hunt. The goal of this campaign is to communicate the needs of students to keep both libraries at NC State adequately funded such that the academic endeavors of all students are not inhibited.

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