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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does this website only support one library?

↣ No, absolutely not. Our mission is to communicate the needs of students to keep all libraries at NC State adequately funded such that the academic endeavors of all students are not inhibited.

How do I get some background on the budget cuts?

↣ Here are some good places to start:
January 2014: NCSU Technician: 'Devastating' cuts [Cached PDF]
October 2013: NCSU Technician: NCSU Libraries faces budget cuts, difficult choices [Cached PDF]

What are the proposed hours cuts? When do they start?

↣ The proposed cuts would begin Fall 2014.
DH Hill:
 Sunday - 9:00AM - 11:00PM (Sunday night is CLOSED)
 Monday 7:00AM to Friday 10:00PM (24 hour service)
 Saturday 9:00AM to 10:00PM.

Hunt Library
 Sunday 9:00 AM to Monday 11:00PM (Sunday night is OPEN)
 Tuesday - Friday 7:00AM to 11:00PM (every weeknight closes 11pm)
 Saturday 9:00AM to 10:00PM

Why close at 11pm? Why not 3am?

↣ Shifts. The libraries operate on 3 shifts currently, and there is no way to have one shift end later than 11pm. Yes, the libraries are receiving heavy utilization at 11pm, but quite simply there is no choice. They can't push back the opening shift any later than 7am, so it is impossible to push the last shift beyond 11pm. The only option is to restore the 3rd shift from 11pm-7am.

Does the Library Administration care? Why are they doing this?

↣ As far as we can tell, the library staff, from the Ask Us desk up to the Director, all are saddened by this situation which was caused by budget cuts. The library staff has been transparent in answering our questions, providing resources, and supporting our endeavours to bring awareness to the student body. It appears as though they are doing the best they can with an unfortunately difficult situation. No one within the library has shown anything but disheartenment regarding these drafted closures.

How many people does it take to run a library at night?

↣ Hunt and Hill both run with 2-3 staff at night. A security guard is extra.

How much does it cost to support one library's night shift for a year?

↣ Overall, to fund the extra shift required for both Fall and Spring semesters combined, it costs about $250,000 per library. For 2014-2015, we only need to find funding for one library to restore the level of service we currently have. The staff are salaried librarians that work 12 months a year, not 9. They receive health benefits, etc and are full staff members.

Can't we just close off some of the floors at night to save money?

↣ The libraries cost the same to operate whether we only have one floor open or all of them. The staff requirements are the same.

Can we sell off all of the chairs to raise money?

↣ No.

How accurate is the counter?

Updated: The counter is now frozen, and new submissions are not being accepted. The current value (5925) is confirmed.

↣ Pretty darn good. Although the site got off to an earlier than anticipated launch, we've quickly developed several security measures behind the scenes. All protections are reactive (meaning a human must verify any deletions), and an automated system keeps us abreast of changing conditions on the site. Sometimes you may see a decrease on the counter: This is due to us removing any fraudulent activity on the site periodically. Any official statements on the site regarding percents or counts outside of the live counter are verified by us prior to publication. is not affiliated with the NCSU administration. See the Contact tab for more information.
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David Fiala